Metaphysical counselor, Inspirational speaker, The Reconnective Healing practitioner, Teacher
Lucia Mitro b.m.
Find Your Light and Make it Timeless
The Reconnection
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Counseling session
Soul Conversation Session 
The Reconncetive Healing      
Healing is a return to Harmony. Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional (and probably a few other classifications we do not have words for). We simply classify it according to its predominate characteristic. Reconnective Healing does not specifically "treat" anything. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into harmony, as many people do, then you do. You just do.

The Reconnection
The umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe, which allows Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth brought in via a spectrum of light and information. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect. This is something new. This is different. This is real — and it can be entrained in each of us.

Counseling Session
During a session, Lucia will assist you via a combination
of insightful skills and intuitive guidance.  Lucia’s work allows
you to heal the core causes of your pain on physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels.
Move beyond problem solving and enter the world of creating your most joyful life!

Soul Conversation Session
During a session, Lucia will assist you to cross the dimensions and connect with you  loved one, angels and guides. Lucia has many  gifts, but she believes her greatest to be the ability to identify and emulate the gifts of others. Because of that she is uniquely suited to teach people to open and develop those very gifts in themselves.

Animal Healing
If animals could speak,mankind would weep.
Anthony Douglas Williams.
Lucia’s love for animals enabled her to heal  animals to .  They are drown to Lucia and except her healing very fast.  Regardless of size of type of animal, healing accrues every time.

Lucia  loves audience. She an interactive speaker and encourages her audience to ask questions. She speaks intuitively, and only by being in her presence,  those who need it will receive healing. It’s common for participants to cry, laugh, and experience healing responses.

Space Clearing
Space clearing is art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings using all kinds of energy clearing techniques . It's as essential to the energy maintenance of a place as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.

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Animal Healnig
Space Clearing